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Terms and Conditions

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Blue Hippo Cleaning Services:

Terms and Conditions of service


The quality of our end of tenancy cleaning service is guaranteed. If you think we have inadvertently missed something during our end of tenancy cleaning, you should, as much as possible, try to point that out to the cleaners while they are still at your property so that the problem can be rectified there and then.


If, however, your complaint is received after the cleaners have left your property and it is still within 24 hours since the end of the initial clean, cleaners may return to your property to address the problem complained about but a minimum surcharge of 18.50ph per cleaner will apply.


If, however, your complaint is received after 24 hours have passed since the initial clean, your claim will not be entertained, and a new quotation will be raised and must be accepted by you before cleaners are permitted to return to your property.


All complains regarding the quality of work done by our cleaners in your property must be in writing (email)to:



Our smart and professional cleaning personnel are hardworking, and know exactly what they are doing so once they are at your property just leave them alone to get on with the work at hand. They require no direct supervision.


These Terms and Conditions apply to the Cleaning Services we provide. By ordering any one of our Cleaning Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions set out here.


Before you order for these Services, if you have any questions relating to these Terms and Conditions please give us a call on 0333 123 0081 or 0333 123 0082 or email us at .


All calls to us may be recorded for quality and training purposes.


The Services we offer comply with appropriate UK legislation and are only available to UK residents.


These terms and conditions of service shall prevail always over any other terms and conditions that a client may come up with.


In this document, unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions shall apply:

“The Company” / “Agency”, “we”, “us” means Infinet Technologies Ltd t/a Blue Hippo Cleaning Services.


“Cleaner” means the person or sub-¬contractor engaged by the Company to carry out cleaning and / or ironing services on behalf of the Company.


“Client” or “Customer” means the person, business or organization, or subsidiary thereof for which the cleaning and / or ironing services are supplied.


“Client address” means the address where the cleaning and / or ironing services are to be carried out.


“Services” means cleaning and / or ironing services such as: regular domestic cleaning, regular domestic ironing, office cleaning, commercial and businesses cleaning, contract cleaning, end of tenancy or landlord’s cleaning, after builders cleaning, after party cleaning, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, spring cleaning, institution cleaning, common areas cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, curtain cleaning, rug cleaning, etc.


“Charges or fees”-means payments due to us.


“Minimum period”– a period which begins on the date of the first clean and ends on the date of the last clean three months later.


“Cleaning visit” means the visit to the client address by the cleaner(s) for carrying out the

cleaning service.


“Conditions’’ means these terms and conditions.


“Regular Services or Subscription Services’’ means cleaning services that you subscribe to by paying a set agency fee every month and are supplied to you on a regular basis either on an hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


"One-off cleaning Services” means Services which you order on a one-off basis.


“Personal information” means the personal details provided by you to us.


Unless the context requires otherwise, reference to the singular includes the plural and references to the masculine includes the feminine.


In accordance with these Terms and Conditions you undertake:


  • To pay the amounts due for the Services in the agreed manner;

  • That the Personal Information which you provide is true, accurate, current and complete in all respects

  • To notify us immediately of any changes to the Personal Information either by email or phone.

  • Not to impersonate any other person or entity or to use a false name.

  • We reserve the right to modify the price or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, some or all the Services. We also reserve the right to change or add to these Conditions from time to time.


Unless you have placed an order and paid for it, or subscribe to any of our cleaning services we shall not be obliged to supply or continue to supply any cleaning service.


We will do our best to provide the Services in a timely and efficient manner but any estimated time frames for the start or for the completion of the Services are estimates only and delays may occur because of matters outside our reasonable control.


Our Services are available to individuals who we, in our absolute discretion, consider eligible.


To order for the Services, you must provide your name, phone number, address, email address, payment details and any other information that we may request.


Your order will be treated as an offer to purchase the Services. The contract will only be conformed when we take payment or part of the payment from you (which may include debiting your payment method).


The price of the Services shall be our quoted price or the price which we inform you prior to commencing the services. Our prices are applicable for the stated period only and that VAT will be charged at the appropriate rate over and above the price we have quoted to you.


You shall provide payment prior to us providing the Services unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.


If you fail to make payment for the regular cleaning service on the due date then, without prejudice to any other right or remedy we may have, we will be able to do one or more of the following:


  • Where you subscribe to our regular cleaning services, suspend the provision of the Services to you until payment has been received and, where you have failed to make payment despite reminders to do so, cancel the agreement; and or.

  • Where you have ordered for a one-off cleaning service, cancel the order you have placed with us and charge you a cancellation fee of £50.00.

  • In any event, charge you interest (before and after any judgment) on the amount unpaid, at the rate of 5% the HSBC Bank rates per calendar month, until payment is made in full (a part of the month being treated as a full month for calculating interest).


You confirm that, where you pay by card, the payment method that is being used is yours.


If you cancel service and you want a refund; any refunds due to you will be paid within 90 days.


By subscribing to the Subscription Services / Regular Cleaning Services you agree to enter a 3-months minimum contract period.


After the minimum period of the initial 3 months, the contract continues automatically on a 3 month-by- 3-month basis unless terminated by you giving a 30 days’ written notice of your intention to cancel.


If an immediate cancellation for a regular cleaning service is required by you, you agree to pay to the Agency a one-off cancellation fee of £50.00 before the cancellation can be accepted by the Agency.


If Client wishes to cancel a regular cleaning service before the end of the minimum period, the cleaning fees for the remaining part of the initial 3 months will become due and must be paid in full to the Agency by the Client.


Without prejudice to our rights under these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to terminate the provision of the Services to you at any time without giving any reason.


We will keep Personal Information given to us by you during your relationship with us in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998. This includes details you give us on order forms or during communications with us.


You agree that we may use and update this information:

To provide you with Services

To recover debts

To prevent and detect fraud

To update our records about you.

To prevent money laundering

To prevent crime and

To confirm your identity.


We may monitor, record, store and use any telephone, email or other electronic communications with you for training purposes, to check any instructions given to us and to improve the quality of our customer service.


If you give us information about another person, you confirm that they have given you permission to provide it to us so that we can be able to process their personal information. You also confirm that you have told them who we are.


You may send us notices about the cleaning service or about these Terms and Conditions by email to:


Proof of sending does not guarantee our receipt of your notice. You must ensure that you have received a written acknowledgement from us which should be retained by you.


The Services are provided on a commercially reasonable basis. Although we will provide the Services with reasonable skill and care, we make no warranty that the Services will meet your exact requirements or that they will always be available.


We shall not be liable where we are unable (using reasonable effort) to provide the Services because of any event outside our reasonable control.


Our liability shall not in any event include losses related to any business of a customer such as lost profits.


We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused wholly or mainly by your breach of these Conditions.


Clients are particularly reminded to ensure that their premises’ insurance includes cover for accidental loss and/or damage caused by a third party working in the client’s premises.


By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Service, Client / Customer accept that our accidental loss and / or damage insurance is subject to an excess of £350.00 which must be paid for by the claimant before any claim can be processed.


The Agency shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage, delay, costs or compensation (whether direct, indirect or consequential) which may be suffered or incurred by the client because of late arrival of company cleaners at the service address.


The cleaners will always endeavour to be on time for any cleaning visit. However due to traffic and other unforeseen problems, the cleaners may be delayed, or the cleaning visit may have to be rescheduled.


If either of us cannot do what we have promised because of something beyond our reasonable control such as sickness, lightning, flood, exceptionally severe weather, fire, explosion, war, civil disorder, industrial disputes, acts or omissions of persons for whom we are not responsible, or acts of local or central government or other competent authorities, either party will not be liable.


The scope of the One-off Cleaning Services and the applicable fees will be agreed at the time you place your order for the One-off Cleaning Service that you want us to supply.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we are only able to provide you with the type of One-off Cleaning Service that you ordered, and you have paid for unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Payments for all types of one-¬off cleans (end of tenancy, spring cleans, window cleaning, carpet cleans, oven cleans, builders clean, after party cleans etc.) must be paid in advance of Service delivery and at the very latest by the morning of the cleaning day and before any cleaning can be started.


The prices quoted to you, for any one of the one-off Cleaning Services are based entirely on your description of the property in terms of size and its condition by either over the phone/by email or by website forms. The price quoted to you is also influenced by the number of rooms your house has, areas that need to be cleaned, the condition of the bathrooms and toilets, kitchen and kitchen appliances, the condition of the floors and carpets including walls and woodwork.


If upon arrival we find that, the description you give to us previously in order to help us arrive at a quotation is found to be inaccurate, misleading or untrue, we reserve the right to change the price to reflect the situation we have found at the property. Should you not agree to the newly adjusted price, the cleaner(s) will be limited to doing the work that is enough for the money already agreed / paid beforehand.


If you want to cancel a booked One-off Cleaning Service, the following fees will be charged:

  • If you want to cancel with 5 or more days remaining 25% of the money paid will be retained.

  • If you want to cancel with up to 2- 4 days remaining 50% of the money paid will be retained.

  • If you want to cancel with 1 day to go or on the cleaning day, 100% of the money paid will be retained.


Electricity, light and hot water are to be supplied by the customer for any cleaning service to take place. If these utilities are not available, cleaners will withdraw, and the cleaning service will be cancelled, any money already paid will not be refunded.


The Company will investigate any cleaning complaint raised, and will attempt to resolve it to a reasonable standard.


If the problem is found to require a re-clean the client agrees to allow the cleaner (s) back to the property to re-clean any disputed areas or items. If the client proceeds to rectify the problem by themselves, or asks another provider to rectify the problem, without giving the Company a chance to rectify the reported problem, the initial complaint shall be void, and the Company is exonerated from any claims arising because of that problem.


The Company reserves the right to deploy as many or as few cleaners in a site as the company may deem appropriate or necessary.


No complains will be entertained regarding the number of cleaners allocated to a site.


The provisions of our cleaning contracts are not intended to confer any benefit upon third parties and the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are hereby expressly excluded from this agreement.


Regular cleaning / ironing:

Our regular domestic cleaning service involves general cleaning of kitchen surfaces, cleaning of bathrooms and toilets, dusting and polishing in rooms as necessary, vacuum, sweep and mop floors as needed plus any other cleaning and / or ironing tasks as customer may direct from time to time and inside the property.


Ironing tasks include ironing shirts, dresses, linen, children’s clothes etc. As an advisory only, about 6-7 shirts / blouses can be ironed within an hour. Exact time taken will vary from ironer to ironer.


In a regular arrangement, the booked time can be shared between ironing and cleaning tasks according to the discretion of the customer. Customer can also decide that the time booked to be used exclusively for cleaning and / or ironing.


All ironing is done in situ and customer is expected to supply an iron box, board and any ironing consumables that the process may require.


Supply of cleaning and ironing services is not available on bank or public holidays. However, if these services are required on such days, customers are encouraged to confirm with the Agency such booking well in advance. Acceptance of this is subject to cleaner availability and may involve an enhanced pay.


Our regular domestic cleaning / ironing service is subject to a minimum contract of 3 months. Upon expiry of the first 3 months, the contract will automatically re-new itself every 3 months thereafter.


To cancel a regular cleaning / ironing contract, a domestic client is required to give a 30 days’ notice to cancel by email. Such notice should be timed such that the last cleaning day will be within the last week or fortnight of any future 3rd month period.


If immediate cancellation of a regular domestic cleaning / ironing service is required a one-off fee of £50.00 is payable to the Agency by the Client before such cancellation can be accepted by the Agency.


Our regular domestic cleaning service Customers are expected to stock up on cleaning products, cleaning materials and cleaning equipment that are necessary for these tasks to be accomplished.


Our cleaners are introduced to clients by Blue Hippo but may, in some cases, be self-employed. They are vetted, referenced, trained and many have years of cleaning experience behind them. Others are part time working mums who have a few hours to spare in between school runs. Some clients may require a DBS checked cleaner / ironer and we can arrange that at a small fee. Our

cleaners are safe to issue a key / entry code / door fob to in case there is nobody in the house to let them in.


In these Terms and Conditions, going private with an Agency staff member is prohibited, However, if a Client decides that they would like to employ the Agency staff directly, the client hereby agrees to pay to the Agency a one-off referral fee of £850.00 immediately. The agency can then end the separate contract they have with the cleaner. If this fee is not paid the agency may proceed to county court to recover the same.


Depending on the estimated work load and cleaner availability, we may allocate a single cleaner to a property or a team of cleaners to work together. If we have allocated more than a single cleaner, the time you have booked for the cleaning work will be shared equally by the number of cleaners’ present. Example if you book 9 hours and we send 3 cleaners they will work in your house for 3 hours each.


If for any reason your usual cleaner is sick, away on holiday or unable to attend for any other reason, the Agency, may, subject to Client approval, supply a cover cleaner. If you decline services of a cover cleaner, no refunds will be forth coming.


The company charges its regular clients, a recurring monthly cleaning fees. The recurring monthly cleaning fees are agreed with Client in advance of start of service, and are exclusive of VAT. In these Terms and Conditions, the Client hereby agrees to set up a monthly payment, by standing order or direct debit being recurring monthly cleaning fees in favour of the Agency.


Cleaning fees are non-refundable and should be paid to the Agency in full and free of any deductions. Any overdue cleaning fees will be sur-charged interest at 5% per month above HSBC bank lending rates.


Our liability insurances are up to date always however, an excess of £350.00 is payable to the insuring company by the person making the claim before that claim can be processed.


End of tenancy cleaning:

Our smart and professional end of tenancy cleaning personnel are introduced to clients by Blue Hippo, but may, in some cases, be self- employed.


They are vetted for end of tenancy cleaning and therefore safe to operate in the property in absence of the owners. They are safe to issue a key to in case owners will not be present to allow access.


They come fully equipped to do any end of tenancy cleaning job so you don’t need to stock up on anything.


Unless otherwise agreed our standard professional end of tenancy cleaning service does not include cleaning of extras such as: Curtains, Balconies, Blinds, Patios, External windows, Walls cleaning, Carpets, Upholstery, washing up, Laundering, Rubbish removal and disposal, exterior of the property; such as Gardens, Sheds, Balconies and Garages and neither does it include cleaning of basement rooms or building extensions. Should any of these extra services be required, we will quote for them as separate work.


Please note that our cleaning services are not normally available on bank and public holidays, but special arrangements can be made by contacting us in advance. This may involve an enhanced pay.


Quotation for end of tenancy cleaning is worked out based on information that you supply to us at the booking stage. The information that will help us arrive at a near accurate price are details about the number of bathrooms, flight of stairs, overall cleanliness condition of the house etc.


In addition to the information you supply, we also use national average room sizes and your description of the condition of the property when working out the quote for you over the telephone.


Any estimate of how long it will take to do the job provided by us is only an estimate based on the average time it takes to clean a property of similar size.


Bedroom sizes more than 12 square meters, and living room sizes more than 23 square meters are above standard room sizes and will be surcharged an extra £17.00 each.


Extra dirty houses or houses that have not been cleaned for many years will attract additional charges of £17.00 extra per room.


We reserve the right to amend the initial quotation and price, should your original requirements change, or should we find out upon arrival that the description given earlier to obtain a quotation does not reflect the true status of the property to be cleaned.


Should we not be able to agree on an amended price; the cleaners will only clean what is possible for money already agreed.

We are not responsible for any existing damage to the client’s property in the form of old stains/burns/spillages etc. which cannot be removed by the cleaning operative using the industry standard cleaning products and methods.


We will do our very best to make sure that your appliances and fittings are cleaned to a high standard. However, if they have not been cleaned for many years regrettably we will not be liable for ingrained dirt that cannot be removed using industry standard chemicals and methods.


Freezers must be defrosted in advance, as the timescales for defrosting will not enable us to thoroughly clean it. If freezers are not de-frosted in advance by the client, there is a likelihood that the freezer may not clean well. The Agency is not responsible for this.

Results of our end of tenancy cleaning service cannot be guaranteed if occupants are still present and living in the property.


In these Terms and Conditions, Client agrees to provide the cleaners with a valid parking permit if it is required for your area, or a free parking space or pay for metered parking for the cleaner’s vehicle on the cleaning day.


The Client agrees to inspect the results of the cleaning work done in their property soon after the cleaners have rung to report that the cleaning has been completed. During this inspection, the Client should point out any missed bits so that the Cleaners can address them to the satisfaction of the Client and before they depart from the property. The cleaners will carry out any further work to rectify within reason. If inspection is not done at this time and the customer realises later that they require cleaners to return to the property after they have already left, a fee of £18.50 plus VAT per hour per cleaner or part there-off will become due and payable by the Client before cleaners can be instructed to return.


Clients are encouraged to return to the property to inspect the work as soon as possible and in any case not later than 30 minutes since the first call by the cleaners. Keeping Cleaners waiting for the Client to return to inspect will attract a surcharge of £18.50 per hour per cleaner after the first half hour.


We reserve the right to refuse any cleaning job if upon arrival at the property, we find its condition is risky and hazardous to the health and well-being of our Cleaners.


In these Terms and Conditions, Client agrees to confirm booking of their end of tenancy clean by making an advance payment from their credit/debit card of at least 50% of the quoted price. A booking that is not confirmed by a down payment is null and void. The remaining balance (if any) should be paid by the same means soon after the cleaning has been completed on the cleaning day.


Carpet cleaning:

We carry out standard domestic steam carpet cleaning which removes general dirt. If carpets are

particularly dirty or there are prominent marks, which could be stubborn stains, we advise that you let us know in advance by email so that we can re-calculate the charges to bring forth a new quotation for you to approve. Clients are encouraged to attach and email pictures to help clarify the status of the floor coverings.


Oven cleaning:

In these Terms and Conditions, Client understands that we carry out standard domestic oven cleaning which removes general dirt. If your oven is particularly dirty, we advise you to let us know in advance because this may require more time and hence a bigger quote. If you can attach and email oven images may help us to understand what is involved and hence come up with a better quote for you. Please note the following:

In a single oven cleaning we clean:

  • the inside oven itself plus either 2 wire racks, or 1 wire rack and 1 tray, or 2 trays.


In a double oven cleaning we clean:

  • inside the 2 ovens plus either 3 racks or 3 trays or any combination of 3 (either racks or trays).


Curtain steam cleaning:

Curtains steam cleaning is done in situ and it is charged as a separate item. Customer is required to confirm if the curtains are:

  • half length (window size) or

  • are full length (door size)

  • the number of curtains you want steam cleaned.


Blinds cleaning:

Blinds cleaning is done in situ and it is charged as a separate item. Customer is required to confirm if the blinds are:

  • Half length (window size)

  • Full length (door size)

  • Number of blinds


Walls Cleaning:

  • If you prefer your walls to be scrubbed a sur-change per wall will apply.


In case of any disputes, these Terms and Conditions are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.